"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"
"Horse Memory 5t"

"Horse Memory 5t"

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Once upon a time, there was the story of a horse through his memory like marks of
time and space.
Memories are vague and often focused on a few precise details: a color, a feeling,
an emotion, a gesture, a word… The imprint on the heart, the soul or the physique
is there and forges an individual. It's his memory that makes his story.
It's these imprints of memory that I want to show, these marks of time engraved
like a tattoo in our deep flesh. They shape our identity, our history, their stories.
Their memories are their stories.
Through a modern and graphic writing mixing abstraction and expression, these
imprints of memory worked in mixed media, shape an intimate portrait of a horse
which represents the collective memory of the horses. Those who are here, those
who have been and those to come.

Black chalk, acrylics on canvas

€ 2800

Year of creation: 2022

Dimensions: 73 x 100 cm 

Shipping: from France 
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 Benedicte Gele | Abstract horse art on canvas

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