Ramon Casares

United States

From the time he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980, Casares has shown a tremendous interest and love for nature. He worked as a zookeeper for the Buenos Aires Zoo (Argentina) and continues to collaborate with many wildlife organizations.

He began his lifelong career as a photographer at the very early age of 14. His passion and love for his subjects can be felt in every image he records. Regarding his wildlife photography and subjects Casares states, “if we don’t get to know what needs to be protected, there is no way we will ever care for it.”.

Casares is an artist, an new breed of photographer who brings any subject in front of him to the fine art scene, a true “photographers photographer”; is nature, mostly, that provides the subject for his canvas and the camera and lighting are his palette and brushes. Casares combines these elements to create simple, yet visually stunning images that continue to captivate his audience…the images remaining in their minds long after they’ve walked away.

His work allows the audience to connect on an emotional level that is seldom achieved to the degree of sophistication as Casares continues to do, image after image. His perspective is a unique one. Casares is a seasoned “director” who knows how to direct our attention right to his intended focal point. From there our eyes follow the beautiful shapes, values, edges and color of each of his subjects leading a path around his intended picture plane.

From here, we get the very rare opportunity to enjoy his subjects up close and personal. In his equine and wildlife photography, we are allowed to lose ourselves in the textures of their fur and feathers and the way the light, which he has so beautifully controlled, plays off of their forms creates a visual feast for the senses. Casares’ portrait photography whether human or animal is created simply without any unnecessary elements to distract our eyes away from his subjects.

It is in this minimalist approach to his subjects, captured with such dignity and nobility, through which Casares seems to invoke a sense of awe and wonder, in which we, his audience, are able to discover the beauty and majesty of the world we share with these amazing creatures.

Despite his spectacular talent with a camera, Casares views himself not as much as a photographer as an artist. His creates timeless portraits that captures the subject´s essence with a touch of renaissance aesthetic to the images.


Guards Polo Club, Cartier´s Queen´s Cup, 2019 (UK)

Biba Gallery at Worth Ave, Palm Beach,2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020. (USA)

Scope - International Contemporary Art Show - Art Basel, 2016. (USA)

Broken (Solo Exhibition) 2015 and 2016. (USA)

Walking with the art of youth, 2009 . (Argentina)

Ibera, a wild focus, 2008 . (Argentina)

Natural Argentina, 2008. (Argentina)

Natives (Solo Exhibition) 2008. (Argentina)

Expoimagen, 2007. (Argentina)

Wild Views, 2007. (Argentina)