Ollie Holman

United Kingdom

From the early age of 13, Ollie has been creating metal sculptures after finding the allure of metal by being introduced to welding. He finds the material captivating to work with, as it can be immensely strong yet also delicate. Studied at Leeds College of Art where they expanded his mind and craft to new heights.

Ollie’s style is all about capturing the organic essence of a given being and feeling. Where he hopes his work invites viewers to explore the use of negative and positive space to describe a being or emotion. Inspired by nature and passionate to emulate the organic textures and forms, from such a manmade industrial material of steel.

Tv appearances on BBC and Quest transformed his career gaining numerous commissions
and collectors since.


Cotswold Sculpture Park - 2023
Newby Hall Sculpture - 2022
Pure Arts, hastings - 2021
Galleria balmain, London -2021
Delamore Arts - 2021
Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester - 2020




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