It’s Time For real Diamond feelings with Art

We are honored to announce an impressive collaboration with an Italian Co for the natural Micro-Diamond Art Projects.

With these unique partnership we become the 1st art gallery in the world working with natural Diamond for arts.

What is the Micro Diamond?

Micro diamonds arts

The process of creating decorative surfaces using precious stones is one of our partners most important patented methods.

For the first time in the world of luxury, we are proud to present the natural Micro-Diamond surfaces from Italy as exclusive decorative elements in the world of luxury.

Our mission is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary: a unique idea and a unique process for a unique product. Maximum luxury that breaks conventional boundaries.

These artworks are created on demand; they are items with immense value in terms of technology, craftsmanship and energy, and by their very nature they demand complete personalisation. They are 100% custom-made; there is nothing similar produced in the world.

The micro diamond surface concept is an absolute novelty even for a public that has always been a lover and connoisseur of luxury. Going from a single stone, usually set as a single jewel, to an expanse of micro diamonds which enliven brilliant surfaces, is something that has never been seen before.

Made in Italy: an essential choice, dictated by a strong belief in the Italian technical and visionary skills.

The Italian Micro-Diamond Surfaces creator are the world's first and only producer of surfaces in natural and man-made micro diamond. This revolutionary technology is protected by patents which are filed in Italy and extended worldwide and the carat weight of diamonds on the surface is guaranteed by a calculation method approved by the Italian Gemmological Institute (IGI), a reliable and acknowledged body at national and international level in the field of gemmological certification, which allows us to be on the list of attention of the top designers and international fashion brands as well as protocols dept., public, private sector bodies and prestigious companies in the world.




The micro diamond portraits are entirely produced with natural diamonds and are already made for the Leaders of Dubai, Abu Dhabi Qatar and Saudi.

The leaders portrait project

technical details



what we can do

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