Alexey Klimenko


Inspired by the beauty of life in all its diversity, Alexey Klimenko shares his brightest feelings and impressions on canvas. Russian by origin, he enjoyed a successful career working in international IT and the telecommunications business. Throughout these years, Alexey always dreamt of developing his creative side, fed by his childhood passion - drawing. Upon moving to France, he made the dramatic decision to completely change his life and devote his future to fine art.

The artist uses a special oil technique, which imitates a slightly coarse and worn surface, supported by a thoroughly prepared canvas. One of his favorite subject matters is horses and polo with its uncompromising beauty of movement and action. He aspires to create a style in his artwork that evokes various moods. Each of his paintings encapsulates its own narrative which provokes the imagination of every individual viewer in different ways.


2018, solo exhibition, Gala de l'Association Polo des Grandes Ecoles, Cercle National des Armées, Paris, France

2019, solo exhibition, Rallye d'Aumale 2019, Polo Club de Chantilly, France

2019 - 2021, permanent exhibition 'Polo. Vibrant Shades.', Hotel Mas Bosch 1526, Figueres, Spain

2020, solo exhibition, Rallye d'Aumale 2020, Polo Club de Chantilly, France


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