Jose Ignacio Domecq


José Ignacio was born in 1968 in a wine maker and polo family in Jerez de la Frontera. His passion for polo has allowed him play all over the world, Argentina, Chile, UK, US, Egypt….

Since he was a child in his home town Jerez, Spain, he has enjoyed drawing and painting horses, observing not only their anatomy, but also the movements and expressions of the polo ponies during the game.

He models polo ponies without pictures or models, being inspired by his profound knowledge of the horse, imprinted to his consciousness through long hours of interaction, grooming his polo ponies, training and exercising them. He is as in love with the work of grooming as he is with the game.

Engaging with horses is an important part his life routine. The feeling of riding and being in contact with them generates in him peace of soul. It is this feeling what he tries to convey through his sculptures.

Jose Ignacio started sculpting clay in 2017 and casting bronze in 2018. Since then he has focused in capturing the beauty of this spectacular sport, the movement and the speed of polo horses in the field and expressions and beauty of the animal in the palenque.

Small format sculptures and miniatures are mostly his current work but he is starting to work on real life and larger formats.

New sculptures in progress

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