Ludovic Glatard


Ludovic Glatard has learned about painting during his childhood, by visiting museums and exhibitions. This early contact with art left strong impressions on him.

As a teenager, he grew up in a world of street artists and learned Graffiti techniques. Later on, he studied arts where he opened himself to many other techniques.

His Graffiti technique left the street and freed itself from calligraphy. Influenced by Graffiti, Graphism and Pop Art, Ludovic proposes a look high in contrast. An angle, a framing, colored shapes stand out to create an image.   

He resides in Lyon, City of Lights, where he tries to make you feel his world through his paintings.


2015 - 2020 :  resident galerie "Art up" Lyon Paris 

2015 : exhibition in conceptual restaurant "The croq n roll"

2016: exhibition at "Vis’art" gallery Lyon

2017: 2nd exposition at the conceptual restaurant "The croq n roll"

2018- 2021 resident artist à Sofitel Lyon 

2018 - 3 penser market around Lyon 

2019 : exhibition at "La cimenterie"

2020 : different artist market around Lyon 

2020 : exhibition for launch of "7magazin" at creator village of Lyon 

2020 : new resident artist at art generation : Lyon Paris Bruxelles

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