Art of your dreams is easy

Our artists love to create exclusive pieces of art for you. The cost is the same as ready artwork. Just contact our art advisors and tell your ideas!

Commission artworks


- You wish order unique customized artwork using your photography.

- You like already sold artwork and like to have the similar one.

- You need biggest or smallest artwork size for your interior.

The commission will not be more expensive than the existing work and no advisory fees.



You contact our art advisory team to request a custom work. We can also help you find your favorite artist.


We contact your chosen artist to negotiate the price and reach an agreement on your behalf.


We confirm your commission and process your order. We supervise the creative process. Then ship to you.

Athena Jahantigh

Elegance and appeasement

Artist profile

Luci Maclaren

Innovation and individuality

artist profile

Edward Waites

Masculinity and vitality

artist profile

Beatrice James

Tradition and elegance

Artist profile

Cara van leuven

Happiness and fragility

Artist profile

Andrey Kazantsev

Clarity and contemporaneity

Artist profile

Madeleine Bunbury

Classic and tradition

Artist profile

Robert Hettich

Movement and passion

Artist profile

Rafael Lago

Power and beauty

Artist profile

Ninon Art

Elegance and sophistication

Artist profile

Martin Rodriguez

Tradition and heritage

Artist profile

Tianyin Wang

Vitality and excellence

Artist profile

Bianca Smith

refinement and privelege

artist profile

Haitz de Diego

Power and freedom

Artist profile

Marcos Terol

Harmony and peace

artist profile

Salvador Fernandez Oliva

movement and vitality

Artist profile

Anna Cher

Joy and optimism

artist profile

Jesus Arnedo Bedoya

Elegance and clarity

artist profile

Yutao Ge

Purity and mystery

Artist profile

Jose Ignacio Domecq

verity and authenticity

Artist profile

Hartmut Hellner

expressiveness and dynamism

artist profile

Alexey Klimenko

dreamy and exclusivity

Artist profile

Ludovic Glatard

Modernity and transparency

artist profile

Anne Hansson

Emotion and expression

artist profile

Carlota Sarvise

Lightness and action

artist profile

Askild Winkelmann

Energy and dynamics

artist profile

Irina Kazaridi

Beauty and elegance

Artist profile

Benedicte Gele

Expression and naturalness

Artist profile

Kerstin Tschech

dynamism and grace

Artist profile

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