Askild Winkelmann

United Kingdom

Askild Winkelmann is an emerging artist who studied various styles of art in different European cities; from contemporary art in Barcelona to The Old Masters in Florence. After receiving her MFA at West Dean College in the beautiful West Sussex, UK, Askild moved to and works from her studio in London. When she is not in London, she works from her studio in northern Germany. In the summer 2016, Askild Winkelmann had exhibitions in multiple locations in Midhurst. She also supported a local good cause by painting and raising money for The Pony Club Finals at Cowdray. This experience was so rewarding that she chose to do it again in 2017. Askild continues to exhibit and work on commissioned pieces, as well as continuing to raise money for these local good causes. 

Askild’s love of horses and equestrian sports grew as she attended Polo matches and Horse Racing events around Cowdray and Goodwood. This passion drove her to experiment with combining figurative horse paintings with abstract techniques. This breathed new life into her work. Experimentation quickly morphed into a serious study of horses with a focus on their detail and emotion. As Askild spent more time interacting with horses, she realised that the souls of the horses are reflected in their eyes and can be shown through the medium of a detailed painting.

To Askild, depictions of a horse and its rider should reflect their passion and energy, as well as their rationality and focus. In her works, she highlights the exchange between these two entities. The abstraction in her pieces highlights the movement of the horse and rider, while the realism displayed in the horses’ faces show their raw emotion and soul. Askild strives to capture not only the movement of the game-play in her work, but also the strength and elegance of the horses’ movements. 

As an artist, Askild is not bound by one medium. She loves to experiment and try new things; growing with each new technique she learns. She has studied the traditional uses of acrylics, watercolours, and oil paints, but in her work, she aims to use these materials in unconventional ways. She does this by sometimes even mixing three dimensional objects or textured materials -like sand- into her paintings. Askild is always in search of unconventional techniques and materials to incorporate into her work. 


Solo Exhibitions 

Upcoming Location TBD, Hongkong, China
Ongoing Tierklinik Lademannbogen, Hamburg, Germany
Tierarztpraxis Wenzel & Dohse GmbH, Grande, Germany
Groundwork, Monterrey, Mexico
Poloclub House Exhibition, Langwedel, Germany

MACQ, Quintana Roo, Mexico 


Gold Cup, Cowdray Polo Par, Midhurst, UK

BIOLUMINICENCIA, Mystika Immersive Museum,Tulum, Mexico

LIHS, London Excell, London


CSI 5 La Silla GNP, Hipico La Silla, Monterrey, Mexico

Luxury Polo Weekend, Monterrey, Mexico
Equos 22, FET, Lemancore Monterrey, Mexico
Polo Meets Showjumping, Bremer Polo Cup, Langwedel, Germany
CSI Juvenil y Amateur 2022, Hipico La Silla Monterrey, Mexico
Anthropocene, Aparato, Monterrey, Mexico


Pferdeklinik am Lichtenberg, Steyerberg, Germany
Pferdeklinik Mühlen, Oldenburg,Germany
2019 Morphing Dualism, London, UK.


Morphing Dualism, London, UK.


Pony Club Finals, Cowdray Polo Park, Midhurst, 2017 


Pony Club Finals, Cowdray Polo Park, Midhurst 

Ongoing Audi & Volkswagen Autohaus Soltau, Germany

Group Exhibitions


Red Cross Charity Exhibition, Monterrey, Mexico


Angel Cake, Espacio Practico London, UK.

Angel Cake, West Dean College, UK.

The Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham, UK.

Line & Form, West Dean Visual Arts, UK.


Bosom Friends Resonating with Each Other - The Chinese Kun Opera in the Eyes of     International Artists, Jiangsu Art Museum, Jiangsu Province

Bosom Friends Resonating with Each Other - The Chinese Kun Opera in the Eyes of   International Artists, King's College, Cambridge 

Line & Form, West Dean Visual Arts, West Dean

Critical Paths, West Dean Visual Arts, West Dean 

Critical Paths, Espacio Gallery, London

Gold Cup Finals, Cowdray Polo Park, Midhurst 

Madhurst Arttrail, Midhurst


Printmakers Exhibition, Oxmarket Chichester, Chichester

Line & Form, West Dean Visual Arts, West Dean

On-Site, West Dean Visual Arts, West Dean

Madhurst Arttrail, Midhurst


Art Splash, California University, Florenz   

Artist in the Square, Piazza San Lorenzo, Florence 


Artistic Books, Untitled BCN, Barcelona

Good Diseases II, Espacio Practico, Barcelona

We Can’t Drive to Africa, Metafora, Barcelona


Pause, Metafora, Barcelona 

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