Martin Rodriguez


Martin Rodriguez was born in Mendoza, Argentina and as of 2008 he dedicates himself 100% to art in a self-taught way. The oil on canvas, graphites on paper, watercolors and wine and champagne on canvas work almost perfectly. 

His passion for horses and his obsession with details have led him to achieve a hyper-realistic work recognized in several countries of the world. 

Some of his works are already part of private collections in Argentina, Spain, Italy, USA and France. Since 2017 it is based in Barcelona, Spain.



Past Exhibitions

2005 Collective exhibition in the Regional Museum and Americanist of the Direction of Culture of Luján de Cuyo. Mendoza.
2009 Individual exhibition at Instituto Zaldivar Mendoza.
2010 Individual exhibition Copa Bullrich Tattersall of San Isidro. Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2010 Individual exhibition Copa Bullrich Tattersall Hipódromo de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2011 Collective exhibition and silent auction ¨La vendimia cuenta su historia¨ Bco. de alimentos, Nave Cultural, Mendoza.
2011 Collective exhibition¨Cuatro Realidades¨ Galería Zurbarán Selección, Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2011 Individual exhibition Colección Alvear, Galería Zurbarán, Buenos Aires, Argentine.
2012 Exhibition ¨Caballos¨ (Horses) Colección Alvear, Gal. Zurbaran, sharing with masters as Fader, Güiraldes, Molina Campos and Sanzano among others.
2012 Individual exhibition Park Hyatt Hotel.
2013 Individual exhibition Cava del Casino de Mendoza.
2013 Collective exhibition 40 contemporary artists Colección Alvear, Galerias Zurbaran.
2014 Collective exhibition Bolsa de Comercio Mendoza.
2014/15 Exhibition ¨Seis Relatos, seis Artistas¨ Espacio Killka, bodega Salentein.
2015 Collective exhibition Fader Museum.
2015 Exhibition ¨Caballos¨ (Horses) Park Hyatt Hotel
2015 Exhibition Bodegas Finca Agostino
2015 Individual exhibition ¨Reconocerme¨ Bodegas Viña Cobos
2016 Individual exhibition Conalbi Grimberg casa vinícola
2016 Individual exhibition Bodega SinFin.
2017 Individual exhibition Abundancia¨ Park Hyatt Hotel
2017/2018 Exhibition galeria Dárt Mar, Grup Escolà
2017 Exhibition Andorra Gal. Goya
2018/2019 Galeria Dárt Mar, Grup Escolà - Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida
2019 Exhibition Consulate General of Argentina in Barcelona

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