Monumental sculptures

Monumental & lifesize sculptures for private collections and public places.

Whether for your private home or patio, and outdoor installation or for your business or corporate lobby and parks a monumental size sculpture is an exciting addition to any art collection.

The imposing and majestic proportions of the monumental sculpture give a sense of power and evoke admiration and driven to meaning prosperity and success, creating emotions and providing visibility that impacts the visitor. 

In English the word "monumental" comes from the Latin "manure", which means 'to remind' or 'to warn'. The term is often used to describe any structure that is a significant and legally protected historic work, and many countries have equivalents of what is called in UK legislation a Scheduled Monument, which often include relatively recent buildings constructed for residential purposes, with no thought at the time that they would come to be regarded as "monuments".

Monuments have been created for thousands of years, and they are often the most durable and famous symbols of ancient civilization. Monuments placed at locations that are already important or are sometimes redesigned to focus on one. The purpose of monuments is very often to impress or awe. Structures created for others purposes that have been made notable by their age, size or historic significance may also be regarded as monuments. 

In its magnificence have lived people from all walks of life especially artists and artisans wo have contributed as they imbibed in their life the spirit and essence of this precious tradition.

Being faithful and obedient, monumental sculpture has always been complementary to the architecture and accompanied its privileged sister in order to integrate more or less organically the space created by the latter. Today, the sculpture goes down from its usual pedestal and invades everything, it doesn't obey no longer any rule and exists even apart from a given architectural context. It plays its own and independent part in the space and society, and makes the viewer have a reaction that is different from an ordinary and passive admiration or even disinterest with which it had been treated over several centuries.

Nowadays, monumental sculptures appear in the middle of parks and gardens, form part of buildings, cellars, hotels and palaces, contemporary art museums, wine estates, companies, business centers. Besides the embellishment of properties and architectural complexes, sometimes too strict or even monotonous, the sculptures can offer to all places a special identity 
and easily recognizable image. They reflect their owners soul and become emblems of buildings, companies, châteaux and estates.

Process to make a monument:

In the beginning we have a meeting with the artist, we talk about the needs, the idea of ​​sculpture, of the space where it can be located. From your part it will be ideal to present some photos and videos of the desired image, also photos of place of installation.


Based on his ideas, the artist makes some drawings and then a wax model. About that little mockup changes are made, until it is to everyone's taste.
We do it without any commitment, we care to create an image that you are satisfied with, give the ideal shape and size.

Once the model is approved, a final size model is made and the exact cost can be calculated. After the approved budget, an agreement is signed and the first part of the payment is made (50-60%).
It is delivered to a foundry to make a mold and cast in bronze and assembled the different pieces. Once the bronze sculpture is ready, you will make the second payment. Then the sculpture is mounted in its intended place.



To request the free mockup and calculate the estimated cost please contact our advisors.