Bianca Smith

United Kingdom

Australian born Artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bianca Smith works from her Shop Gallery with Studio in Battersea, London.

Bianca paints horses in an array of equestrian events, such as polo, dressage, show jumping, racing etc in her well-honed abstract cubist style paintings with her signature look of thin black lines over abstract shapes painted in oil and acrylic paint. Bianca mainly works to commission and is very happy to do her abstract interpretation of both the client and their horse, working from clients’ own archive of photographs to achieve a completely personal painting.

With a diverse following ranging from English Royalty to Rock Royalty, private collectors and top interior designers, national and international. Exhibitions include Art London, The Discerning Eye - Pall Mall Galleries, Chase Art, Scream in Bruton Street and The Invisible Collection.

Featured in many magazines: House & Garden, Homes & Garden, AD, Vogue, Elle & Andrew Martin Review.


1997 Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree - University of South Australia. Exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

1998 Paris - developed a collection for major exhibition for F.A.D.

1998 - 2003 Moved to London and worked from my first studio in Fulham.

2003 Major exhibition of work at Lennox Gallery, London.

2005 Exhibition at Scream, Bruton Street alongside sculptures by John Kennedy.

2006 Exhibition at Scream Gallery.

2007 Art London.

2008 Youth Art – Pall Mall Galleries.

2009 Curzon Gallery, Youth Art – Pall Mall Galleries.

2010 Chase Art Exhibition – Royal College of Art. Discerning Eye Exhibition for Nina Campbell – Pall Mall Galleries.

2011 Exhibitions at Cricket Fine Art and Josie Eastwood.

2011 Painting for William and Catherine’s Royal Wedding, commissioned by wedding guest.

2015 - PRESENT Work, display and exhibit at my own gallery in Battersea.

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