Zahid Saleem


Polo is one of my favourite subjects. Polo is a game of thrill and I try to represent this thrill on my canvas. I go to to the great polo ground in my city Lahore, watch the game, enjoy the quick sketching here, capture the moment with my camera and return to my studio with the references as well as inspiration.

Use bold and forceful strokes of brush to portray the action, emotion, movement and expression. Lay stress on gesture not merely paint the figures of riders and horses. Enjoy to experiment with the use of different colours, modes and atmosphere in my painting. In short I try to depict the motion with emotion through my art.

Zahid Saleem


Master of Fine Arts (with certificate of merit) in 1993 from the Department of Fine Arts, University of the Punjab.

2004 Participated in three Artists group show exhibition at Hamail Art Galleries Lahore.
2010 Participated in an exhibition at Alhamra Art Galleries Lahore. Over 100 artists
displayed their art works to raise funds for the flood victims.
2014 Participated in Art FAIR DUBAI 2014.
2014 Participated in "LAHORE ARTSCENE SHOW" held in ARTSCENE GALLERIES Karachi
2015 Participated in " Colour in Harmony" a group show of Pakistani contemporary artist held in Oman, arranged by Omani Society for Fine Arts.
2016 Participated in Art FAIR DUBAI 2016.
2018 Participated in "Variegated Reflection of Cities" at Ejaz Art Gallery.
2019 Participated in exhibition “LAHORE LAHORE AY” in Lahore.
2019 Awarded “outstanding acrylic award” in BoldBrush Painting Competition



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