Collaborations with brands

For centuries, art has been a way for people to create meaningful and engaging experiences — to tell stories in new ways, to bring emotions to life, to engage people in conversation. Many brands are now pursuing the same goals. And the most successful, powerful brands are impacting the way people view and understand the world around us – in the same ways artists have been doing for centuries.

Collaboration with brands is considered the art of perfect matching. Art brings additional meaning, helps in improving the brand image, attracting new customers. Art lends an air of luxury, integrity, community spirit and creativity, all at the same time.

We found talents in equestrian arts from all over the world and are able to connect them with innovative brands. We believe collaboration is the key to creating meaningful products and outstanding experiences.

Artworks in brand projects creates a visual image that is difficult to express in words, it helps to make emotional contact with the viewer.

The works of our authors can be used in various fields: for corporations, banks, fintech, fashion brands, music artists, wineries and many others.

Together we can develop creative advertising campaigns, events, works can be included in the design of clothes, shoes or accessories and come to life as a collector's model, and possibly be the backdrop for a fashion show or campaign. The artworks can be adapted for limited corporate collection and client gifting. Our artists can create works specifically for wine labels, book covers, packaging design and unusual items.

Any collaboration is a great occasion for PR, storytelling in the press, publication of news and posts on social networks. And also collaboration with artists is a great opportunity to help talented people develop their careers.

Painter and music collaboration

Labels for wine with painting

 Advertising art campaign for bank


We are excited to see what great brand/artist collaborations will be next.


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