Salvador Fernandez Oliva


Horses have allways been part of Salvador’s life. Born in Madrid 1960, the son of a handicapper at the Madrid racecourse, he visited the track daily as a child and soon learned to ride  and played racing games with his 4 brothers with horses modelled out of plasticine; his firsts “horse sculptures”.  

When he was 14 Salvador began to train race horses as a hobby, and for pleasure, drew the equestrian scenes that he was surrounded by. The trainer Jose Luis Salas and a former Managing Director of the Madrid racecourse encouraged him to exhibit his drawings at the racetrack. Today he works with bronze, silver and iron to craft sculptures that resonate with equine movement across all equestrian disciplines, and also paints and sketches horses’ movement with just a few lines.

Many of Salvador’s most striking sculptures show the horse in action, at full gallop, playing polo and racing, while others capture the intimacy between mare and foal.
Salvador credits the horse as his inspiration an evolution as an artista, and works from live experience: “Scale is of utmost importance, and depends on the place the sculpture will be installed; I like to play with the expressivity scale provides and consider myself lucky since most of my clients share my passion for horses”.

Those clients, all over the world (France, Italy, Singapur, UK, Colombia, Spain, Romania, …) include private collectors, municipalities, the Madrid racetrack and several companies, polo federations, horse breeders associations etc.

Salvador has many monumental sculptures at public spaces in Spain: at both entrances of Madrid’s La Zarzuela Racecourse ,“Winning horse” and famous jockey Claude Carudel, and the equestrian sculpture to commemorate Pedro Serrano, as well as private collectors.

Author also of three books devoted to art comprehension and piano lover, he enjoys participating in private concerts and organizing auditions for his vernissages.

A horseman by birth, engineer by training (he did not study art but a Degree in Industrial Engineering at ICAI Comillas University), and an artist by profession, Salvador is a a man who turned his hobby into his work, loves what he does and brings great pleasure to others by doing so.




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