Marcos Terol


Marcos Terol is an international artist. His works ( oils on canvas ) present energetic movements of colours and shapes, projecting figures and scenes from nature. Focusing in his natural surroundings Marcos finds harmony and beauty in nature, figures and urban landscapes. ​

His studio set in his home is on the Costa del Sol near the ancient city of Malaga. His home faces  the coastline, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and nestled in between Andalusian white washed terraced houses and green pine trees. He paints at least 3 hours a day in his studio with brightly lit windows, facing his garden and the sea.

Marcos graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and has studied painting in Madrid. For more than 10 years he worked as an interior designer which are the foundations for his career in painting. He loves contemporary artists like David Hockney or Alex Katz but is inspired by classics like John Singer Sargent or Joaquin Sorolla. His painting is spontaneous and instinctively he expresses his strong emotions through his heavy impasto or delicate transparencies.

Drawing from previous styles he uses colour and textures to define strong contrasts between light and shadow. He focuses on the nature that surrounds him, urban landscapes and figures. One could describe his work as “Contemporary Expressionism”. Marcos´s paintings are sold worldwide and have been shown in one-man shows in Miami and Madrid.

"Throughout my career I have produced equestrian art. I have focused mainly on the Andalusian Horse breed also known as Cartujanos. I am special drawn to this breed of horse for their beauty and historical relationship with Andalucia and Spain. I have also been interested in the aesthetics of horses in sports like dressage and more recently have explored horses in Polo.

A caracteristic feature of my paintings is that they painted on large canvas. Ranging from 130cm to 195cm."

Marcos Terol


2014 Miami /Wynwood "Colors from the South of Spain"

2015 Madrid  "Statuesque"

2017 Cadiz / El Puerto de Santa Maria "Quiet Grandeur"

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