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"Eagle gaze"

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Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle paper.

Photographs are accompanied by signed Certificates of Authenticity detailing image title, size, limited edition number and printing details. Each certificate has a unique hologram with a serial number. On the reverse side of the print there is a second hologram with the same number.

Hypnotizing, intimidating and mesmerizing, like a hunting eagle, the gaze of this stallion with rare blue eyes, you can't just walk past it.

Sloakia. 2012

Dated, numbered, signed.


50 x 50 cm  € 350

80 x 80 cm  € 450

100 x 100 cm  € 600

120 x 120 cm  € 950

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  • International and national exhibitions
  • Book: "Golden horse. The legendary Akhal-teke"
  • Numerous media publications
  • Artworks in private collections worldwide
  • Create commission artworks
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