Polygonal animals
NFT collection

by Andrey Kazantsev


Last years polygonal art has become appreciated in its own right, growing increasingly popular as a design trend. ​

The minimalistic style of today has opened doors to polygon art as the perfect medium.​

WEB 3.0 is a wide new world with endless possibilities and new experiences. Meet the super rare polygonal collection of many colorful NFT animals. ​

Emerging in pop art culture, three-dimensional polygonal objects have a truly stellar place in any venue such as social media, the fashion industry, architecture and interior design. ​

Each art NFT will be a 3D video file.

first collection


10 000 unique nft

Collection of 20 breeds of dogs, 20 colors and 25 backgrounds.


art nft

Created by talented and successful artist, internationally recognized.

long term plan

We are planning to create 5 original NFT collections with different animals.

help to animals

10% of sales we will send to the rescue animals foundation.

exclusive whitelist

Special discounts for the NFT drops.

monthly gifts

Each month, we randomly give away one steel sculpture to our NFT collectors.

privilege sales

Each NFT here gives the right to redeem a steel sculpture with a discount varying from 10% to 50%


best blockchain


Secondary market



- start to build community, create a whitelist

- Visualization of NFT collection in 3 D

- develop the website and create private smart contract


- massive PR - campaign

- launching first "Dog" collection (one dog breeds drop each month during the 20 months)


- launching second collection of other animals


andrey kazantsev

A talented and successful metal artist who has sent sculptures in 4 years to over 400 clients worldwide, has had exhibitions in the US, Europe and Dubai (including World Expo 2020).

katerina morgan

Owner of the online art gallery with experience building a working online project from 0, launched a crowdfunding project and an e-commerce store. She has a background in marketing and art.

the rest of the team

join the whitelist

Fill your email to get priority access for the mint. In the message form please write "NFT".

If you like to invest in our project, please send an email to km@katerinamorgan.art or use the same form below.

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