New polygonal steel sculpture by Andrey Kazantsev

Steel sculpture
Andrey works exceptionally well with polygonal steel sculptures, creating the perfect forms of animals. He feels and show the absolute harmony and beauty of animals. Each sculpture has stunning personality and soul. His contemporary forms are perfectly suited with modern interior design and with exterior landscape, like gardens in private residences or luxury horse stables.
polygonal horse sculpture
Creation by order
PVD Gold
Brushed / Burned / Painted
Medium: 130x146x39 cm
Weight 16 kg
Large: 170x190x50 cm
Weight 30 kg
All-seasonal: can be used inside and outside for all seasons. Materials and covers are resistant to UV and rust.
Painting, engraving or custom covering material is on demands.
Every sculpture is handmade and has a unique ID that you can find in your model certificate. It verifies the originality and privateness of your purchase or the history of owners.