New paintings by Askild Winkelmann (UK)

Askild Winkelmann is an emerging artist who studied various styles of art in different European cities; from contemporary art in Barcelona to The Old Masters in Florence.

Askild’s love of horses and equestrian sports grew as she attended Polo matches and Horse Racing events around Cowdray and Goodwood. This passion drove her to experiment with combining figurative horse paintings with abstract techniques.

To Askild, depictions of a horse and its rider should reflect their passion and energy, as well as their rationality and focus. In her works, she highlights the exchange between these two entities. The abstraction in her pieces highlights the movement of the horse and rider, while the realism displayed in the horses’ faces show their raw emotion and soul. Askild strives to capture not only the movement of the game-play in her work, but also the strength and elegance of the horses’ movements. 

Oil on Canvas
Year of creation: 2022
£ 4500
Dimensions: 160 x 110 cm

Oil on Aluminium Di-Bond
Year of creation: 2023
£ 1000
Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm

Oil on Canvas
Year of creation: 2022
£ 2500
Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm
Shipping: from United Kingdom