Meet the new artist - Ollie Holman (UK)

Ollie’s style is all about capturing the organic essence of a given being and feeling. Where he hopes his work invites viewers to explore the use of negative and positive space to describe a being or emotion. Inspired by nature and passionate to emulate the organic textures and forms, from such a manmade industrial material of steel.

Tv appearances on BBC and Quest transformed his career gaining numerous commissions and collectors since.

Original equestrian sculptures by Ollie Holman
Bronze sculpture
Dimensions: 50x50x25 cm
Limited edition 1 of 9
£ 7500

Bronze Wall Sculpture
Dimensions: 29,5x50x5,5 cm
Limited edition 1 of 9
£ 3500

Horse sculpture by Ollie Holman
Made from reused horseshoes finished in galvanized form.

Available to commission