Meet the new artist of the gallery - Jonathan McAfee (USA)

Jonathan McAfee is an artist working in Evergreen, CO. McAfee's work is collected throughout the U.S., Europe & Asia.


"This new series of paintings began in late 2020 when I was searching for new subject matter. I was drawn to how majestic and powerful horses can look regardless of the setting they’re placed in.

I began finding vintage imagery of polo players posed on or standing by their horses and I found this to be a fascinating opportunity to get lost in creating new environments that focus on the gentle balance of duality. Everything within these paintings is battling against another force; space vs. flatness, realism vs. fantasy, comedy vs. seriousness. The titles of each painting coincide with song titles from The Velvet Underground’s album “Loaded”.

Jonathan McAfee

Polo theme paintings for sale

Oil, acrylic, pastel & ink on two canvases (diptych)
$4 200
Dimensions: 36in. x 48in. (91x122 cm)

 Polo player painting pop art

Oil, acrylic & pastel on canvas.
$2 200
Dimensions: 36in. x 24in. (91x60 cm)

Original polo team painting for sale

Oil, acrylic & pastel on two canvases (diptych)
$3 800
Dimensions: 36in. x 36in. (91x91 cm)