Horse head bronze sculptures

The rich and fascinating history of bronze sculpture is a powerful testament to the enduring and timeless nature of this art form. From its ancient origins in civilizations long past to its continued popularity in the present day, bronze sculpture has consistently captivated and inspired countless generations. The remarkable qualities of bronze as a material, including its inherent beauty, strength, and versatility, have enabled artists throughout history to create truly magnificent and awe-inspiring works that stand the test of time. The enduring appeal of bronze sculpture lies in its ability to evoke deep emotions, immortalize significant moments in history, and leave an indelible impression on those who appreciate its exquisite artistry.

Consider, for instance, a bronze horse head. With just a glimpse of its angled position and its subtle expression, we are transported into a vivid mental image of the entire bronze horse, its weight and beauty reverberating through the ages. The sculpture encapsulates the essence of the horse's life, stretching out into the vast expanse of history, and serves as a testament to the enduring power and allure of bronze sculpture.

Ignacio Videla horse bronze sculpture

Year of creation: 2021
Bronze with marble base
Dimensions: 55x80x45 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Shipping: from Spain

Horse head bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture
Dimensions: 33x18 cm
Edition of 12
£ 2900
Shipping: from UK

Edward Waites equestrian bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture
Dimensions: 38x28x15 cm
Limited edition of 12
£ 3400
Shipping: from UK