French elegance

This week, we are celebrating the beauty of horses with a collection of artworks by two talented female French artists. Athena's bronze sculptures capture the elegance of horses with grace and finesse, while Benedicte's expressive paintings bring a touch of emotion and originality to the theme. Join us in exploring the allure of French elegance through these captivating creations.

"Endlessly Collection
The gesture is formal, structured, limitless. The pursuit of unconditional behavior can be seen in every moment, every step. Every stroke seems sparse and yet precise, controlled in a certain way, in a certain plan which is not always well defined.

The artist seems to continue her research endlessly and she certainly could. The rhythm of the lines, the colors are not the same even if the attitude could be. The expression remains one of a kind each time. This is the magic of the unique moment, here & now, endlessly.

Appropriated the movement, the sure and precise gesture. Like this horse who unconsciously assures his attitude through repetition. The Endlessly speaks about consciousness, of testing, of effort, of letting go, of constancy.
Like life."
Benedicte Gele
Black chalk, acrylics on canvas
€ 1920
Year of creation: 2021
Dimensions: 65 x 92 cm

"Look XXI" artwork by Benedicte Gele | Horse polo art gallery
My eye.
Window wide open on my world. Open to the unknown. A look at what surrounds me.
My eye, my vision of the world which reflects my environment. This look that can scare you or console you, make you fall in love or make you angry. My eye and get in touch with you.

Black chalk, acrylics on paper
Year of creation: 2018
€ 640
Dimensions: 56 x 42 cm
Shipping: from France

Bronze sculpture, brown patinated
€ 3400
Dimensions: 25x9x21,5 cm
Each sculpture can be enlarged up to 3m.
Limited edition of 8 and 4 AE
Year of creation: 2021

"Horse II" bronze sculpture by Athena Jahantigh | Horse polo art gallery | Elegant animalistic art
Bronze sculpture, black patinated
€ 2900
Dimensions: 26x9x23 cm
Each sculpture can be enlarged up to 3m.
Limited edition of 8 and 4 AE
Year of creation: 2021
Shipping: from France