Exclusive advertising campaign for bank HSBC

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that some artworks by our talented author Carlota Sarvise were selected for the exclusive advertising campaign for bank HSBC in Argentina.

We partnered with the main sponsor for the Palermo Open Championship, the best international event for the sport of kings.

We at Horse polo art gallery are extremely proud to be part of a world-class polo event promotion, such as Open Palermo Championship. 

Argentine Open Polo Championship is the most important international polo championship, that has taken place every year since 1893 at the Campo Argentino de Polo of Palermo, Buenos Aires.


Admiration for polo's great sportsmen and the skill and tradition of the game bring a host of celebrities and polo lovers to Buenos Aires from all over the world. Some 20 000 spectators usually attending for the final of the tournament.

For our gallery its contribution to the world polo community above all else, this is a singular recognition and honour.

My sincere thanks to all the marketing team of bank HSBC for the trust and opportunity granted to us.

Katerina Morgan