Artist of the week - Anna Cher

Anna Cher is an equestrian and canine artist who lives in the UK. Born in Russia Anna received classical art education and worked in Moscow for many years before she moved to the UK. As a passionate animal painter, Anna focuses on the beauty of unique personalities.

One of her favorite topics for the painting research is equestrian sports, polo especially. Her work is a dance between realistic and abstract art. Experimenting with brushstrokes, layers, and colours Anna finds a delicate balance between the energy of mark-making and perception of reality. She paints with acrylics and palette knives which lets her work without overthinking, keeping her paintings immediate, fresh, and alive.

Being a rider herself Anna is enthusiastic about horses and equestrian sports. For the last two years, she managed to take a part in equestrian art exhibitions - the SEA exhibitions in Tuxford, UK, and the Art show in Cambridge where her works were sold to private collectors. This year Anna's works have been sold to private collectors from different countries such as the UK, the US, and Italy.