How to start your art collection

Remember your feelings when you visited the museums? Between the amazing masterpieces created by incredible humans, we usually feel calm, secure, and confident. Contemplating art inspires us to be creative, to be curious about new things in life, to create innovations, and to search for ourselves.

The process of building one's own collection produces inside us a desire to learn more about the topic, to comprehend its history, and to make new discoveries. Being an art collector enriches our spiritual and intellectual lives.

Where to begin?

Maybe you have some artwork in your home that makes you feel good and happy. You can think if you would like to know more about this author or maybe this theme or style of image.

Each great collection as a road starts with a first step (or first idea of owning the artwork). Any collection is a private conversation between your soul and the art. There is also a conversation between the artworks; each piece speaks to another, and together they tell us their own captivating story.

We prepared for you some ideas for collections.

Paintings by one author It's an amazing way to follow a talented artist and his career, support him, and build an amazing story through his entire life. Show the various stages of his creative imagination and how his talent and artistic skills developed.

horse polo paintings collection

This idea can be illustrated by polo paintings by Anna Cher, full of energy and strength of life. Pure positive emotions from the movements and beauty of horses.

A collection of sculptures united by the same theme. It's very exciting to search for the objects of different authors and find something similar but different at the same time.

An example could be elegant modern sculptures of horses. We can observe the beautiful feminine and elegant forms that give us the desire to touch them and keep them close. This collection consists of the artworks created by women artists (Athena Jahantigh, Ninon van der Sande, and Marie Ackers).

Contemporary horse bronze sculptures collection

There could be many different ideas for the collection, as examples: everything with Arabian horse images; western cowboys; artworks with white or black horses; with many running horses; polo theme sculptures; dressage theme paintings; horse fine art photography; etc.

The next idea of a collection could be about the same art movement style, like semi-abstract or realistic. You will look for expressions about equine beauty in the style you like. It's a very interesting challenge to search for artworks that match this idea and form a single entity art object.

In your collection, you can mix the different supporters and techniques or collect just one. Only bronze sculptures or oil paintings, or perhaps just delicate watercolors or black and white charcoal drawings.

Classic British equestrian art collection

Another idea you can like is looking for authors from certain countries that represent a very special and original style of art. Like fundamental British classic art, or paintings with an elegant French style, mysterious Oriental drawings or artworks with the energy of wild western beauty.

Anyway, your collection will be unique and interesting. With your passion, you can get your whole family involved, to share your knowledge and keep the collection for the next generations. 

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Katerina Morgan