Buying art as a gift

Equestrian art suit perfectly for business gifts, its strong image of success and prosperity expressing your best wishes without any words.

"Hat trick" Martin Rodriguez

But, of course, art - it's something special and has some details to keep in mind.

As in the process to find any gift you have to think about the personal taste of recipients, but and with art, it's more important, because it’s something they would look at a daily later.

"Chestnut Jumping" Bianca Smith

Try to look for artwork that would compliment the room or space it would be placed in. Your home interior designer can advise you few ideas of colors and textures of artwork to look at.

"Two players" Jesus Arnedo Bedoya

If you are don't sure about the preferences of the style of your friends or business partners and the colors of their interiors, classic black and white drawings will be always looking elegant in any room.

If you are looking for a gift for an upcoming anniversary remarkable option can be to commission artwork based on photos of your life partner. And if he/she is a horse rider, it will be an impressive and amazing image remembering great sports moments and achievements.

"Moment of suspension" Marcos Terol

Just you have to prepare it with time, usually custom orders lead time may variate from 2 to 4 months if it's oil or acrylic artwork. Charcoal drawings may be reached between few days a 1 month, depending on the artist's style and artwork size.

Giving art is also a reason to get family or friends involved. Another family member might be struggling to come up with a gift idea. Likewise, Christmas or a big birthday is the perfect time to group together with your whole family, to invest in a piece of artwork.

"Princess" Yutao Ge

Buying a piece for a child for a birthday is a really special gift – memories of the pictures on the walls of our childhood bedrooms stay with us forever. And horses are one of the animals that kids adore.

Also, a chat with our art advisors who really knows their stuff and know all artists of the gallery can help you to find great options of artworks that can match your ideas.

And the most important that the art would be something that you and your gift recipient love.

Katerina Morgan