White polo relieves art

Brooke sculpts oil paint, using pallet knives challenging both techniques of painting and sculpting and exemplifying light and shadow.

Sculpted titanium white oil paint on canvas
USD 2400
Dimensions: 25 x 21 in (63x53 cm)
Year of creation: 2023
Shipping: from USA

A sport of the kings, Polo has been practiced since the 6th century BC and was the training game for the kings elite cavalry. This noble sport captures the on guard position of the rider holding the horse until attack.

Brooke Major white polo painting

Jaroslav Prosek works in Ceska Lipa in Northern Bohemia, in the heart of Czech glass industry. He specialises in designing and creating unique glass sculptures.

Bohemian glass
€ 18000
Dimensions: 35x45x2,5 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Shipping: from The Czech Republic

Jaroslav Prosek bohemian glass polo sculpture