Two horses, three paintings. "Love story" by Alexey Klimenko

"Love story" horse triptych by Alexey Klimenko

Alexey Klimenko works in a technique largely inspired by the rich textures of stones and rocks of the south of France where he lives. It is best described as a mixture of painting, drawing and engraving.

He creates a specially treated rough surface with multi layered thick gesso. Then, with help of power tools, he literally engraves the drawing-like crisp edges and hatching. Only after that comes the oil painting which builds up the final look.

"Love story" horse triptych by Alexey Klimenko

His recent three paintings come as a series of horse portraits.

"A portrait is one of the best ways to show personality and convey emotions. It could be an alert, energetic white horse. The shade of its "BLUE EYES" might be a reflection of the sky or the sea, or perhaps of its thoughts on how wonderful life is.

"Blue Eyes" white horse portrait

"Blue eyes"

Horse painting in living room

It could be a portrait of a bay polo pony with serious concentrated stare, on the background of a rough concrete wall. A few of pictos that you can see among the scratches definitely help "GUESS MY PASSION".

"Guess my passion" polo pony painting

"Guess my passion"

Polo pony painting in contemporary living room

The third painting in the series represents the romance of relationships, a rather sentimental motive that people are used to finding in everything that surrounds them. If you mix this habit with the permanent love of people for horses, you can imagine a pretty sweet "LOVE STORY". 

"Love story" horses portrait

"Love story"

Two horses portrait

In the foreground is a stallion, who is clearly not indifferent to the white mare standing next to him. She, as befits a lady, is not entirely sure and pulls back a little. The painting also contains some text. It flows from the background to the main objects as a texture.  A particularly curious viewer will try to read it (it's not that easy).

Few elements of ancient frescoes depicting horses once again remind of the incomparable relationships between horses and humans, which has been existing since time immemorial, just like love". 

Alexey Klimenko