Teamwork art

This week we dedicate to artworks with the theme of teamwork. The work in a team teaches us to listen to each other, to be kind, polite, to respect and help each other achieve a common goal. We learn that the individual role of each member is essential and valuable on the road to success. And the best way to represent perfect teamwork is the horse polo.

Horse polo is possibly the oldest recorded team sport in the history, as the first matches were played in Persia more than 2500 years ago. Unlike any other sports, polo also demonstrate a unique understanding between man and animal. Polo is the most spectacular of equine sports and appreciation extends well beyond the polo playing community.

Playing polo is not only about teamwork and developing communication and cooperation skills, but also about learning how to build real friendships.

We secected a few amazing polo team artworks by 3 artists: bronze sculpture by Jose Ignacio Domecq and paintings by Johnatan McAfee and Marcos Terol.

Polo team painting by Johnatan McAfee

Oil, acrylic & pastel on two canvases (diptych)
Dimensions: 36in. x 36in. (91x91 cm)
Shipping: from USA

Ellerstina polo team painting by Marcos Terol

Oil on canvas
Year of creation: 2020
Dimensions: 130 x 163 cm
Shipping: from Spain

Polo team bronze sculpture by Jose Ignacio Domecq

A polo team set for the presentation of the players, this miniature is a classic representation of a polo team, all the players expressions are serious and tense, while the horses are relaxed not anticipating what is coming.
Year of creation: 2022
Bronze, 1/7
Dimensions: 25x15x30 cm
Shipping: from Spain