Sunny horses to illuminate small spaces


Thorgrimur expresses his subject in what he likes to describe as painterly realism. Maintaining an emphasis on “accurate” drawing, values and color, he aspires to capture his subject as honestly as possible while articulating its emotional impact.

Oil on canvas
USD 1600
Dimensions: 12'x16' (31x41 cm)
Year of creation: 2022
Shipping: from Iceland



Anna Cher is an equestrian and canine artist who lives in the UK. As a passionate animal painter, Anna focuses on the beauty of unique personalities. Her work is a dance between realistic and abstract art. Experimenting with brushstrokes, layers, and colours Anna finds a delicate balance between the energy of mark-making and perception of reality.

Acrylic on canvas
£ 750
Dimensions: 61 x 61 cm
Shipping: from United Kingdom



Professional Painter, has been participating for 5 years at ART Capital at the Salon des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in Paris. Is a member of the French Artists Association.

Oil on canvas
€ 1360
Dimensions: 92x73 cm
Year of creation: 2007
Shipping: from France