New paintings by Beatrice James (UK)

From the sweeping landscapes to the graceful movements of horses, classic British equestrian paintings capture a timeless elegance. Dating back centuries, these masterpieces reflect a deep-seated connection between rider and steed, showcasing the bond forged through centuries of tradition and horsemanship.

Contemporary artist Beatrice James' works continue the heritage of the traditional British style. Let's immerse ourselves in equestrian art, where every brushstroke tells a story of strength, beauty, and the enduring spirit of the British countryside.

Beatrice carefully selects antique style foliated or ribbed frames for her work, which extends the intricacy of her paintings into their physical boundary, accentuating and enhancing the prestige of her subject matter. Her frames are custom made in England, the rich gold of her frames coupled with the confident tones of her work pair to create a stylish centrepiece.

As well as building her own body of work, Beatrice takes on commissions, predominantly equine and dog portraiture. For these, Beatrice works from a number of photographic studies taken either by her or her client. By working from multiple references, Beatrice immortalises the character of the animal in question, portraying their individuality.

If you share a passion for classical art, paintings by Beatrice James bring an authentic British style to your interior.

Oil on canvas
£ 4500
Dimensions: 35.6x40.7cm

"The Little Racing Scene" oil on canvas equine theme painting by Beatrice James | Horse polo art gallery

Oil on linen canvas
£ 3750
Dimensions: framed
Framed - 44.1x38cm
Unframed - 30.5x25.7 cm

"The Masters of Hounds" oil on canvas equine painting by Beatrice James | Horse polo art gallery

Oil on linen canvas
£ 4250
Dimensions: 30.5x40.6cm