New artworks by Benedicte Gele

Horse paintings by Benedicte Gele


Black chalk, acrylics on paper
Year of creation: 2018
€ 640
Dimensions: 56 x 42 cm
Shipping: from France

Horse painting by Benedicte Gele

The Blue & Gold Horses.
As the sun comes down on the ocean, all shine. The bright undulation of the sea moves the light. Horses wave under the light like on the ocean, showing up their body to the sun. The light reverberates on their coat and all around them. They shine with all their intensity.

Black chalk, acrylic & gesso on canvas
Year of creation: 2021
€ 3900
Dimensions: 130 x 89 cm
Shipping: from France

Horse eye painting by Benedicte Gele

My eye.
Window wide open on my world. Open to the unknown. A look at what surrounds me.
My eye, my vision of the world which reflects my environment. This look that can scare you or console you, make you fall in love or make you angry.
My eye and get in touch with you.

Black chalk, acrylics on canvas
Year of creation: 2021
€ 1000
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Shipping: from France