New artist of the gallery - Rafael Lago


The tropical rainforests and endless wilderness of the Colombian countryside, has inspired Rafael Lago since he was a child. Riding on his horse through the dense jungles, visiting pintoresque towns enclaved in the mountains, or galloping alongside the infinite rivers, drew him to express through his art, the fascination of his experiences.


Horses. They are his main focus last years, Colombia being mostly rancher and agricultural, it is part of his nature, his fascination with their vitality and sensitivity, their strength and beauty, how they serve us but are in essence, the symbol of freedom.


 Many of Rafael's paintings are a mixture strong under drawing on charcoal or pastel, that he then layers with translucent chiaroscuro veneers, topping with more opaque paint, usually acrylic or natural pigments mixed with resin. Some are a more classic approach, layering carefully, over a base drawing.

 What they all achieve, is a dynamic expression, that engulfs the viewer, into the artists unique vision of the world.