New artist of the gallery - Hartmut Hellner

Hartmut Hellner equestrian painter
Hartmut Hellner brings a whole new temperament to German horse painting with his modern, explosive way of painting. Germany's most important newspaper for horse racing, the "Sport-Welt", described his style as: "A unique and until now unseen style of horse paintings" and the exclusive trade magazine „Vollblut" (Thoroughbred) praised the „unbelievable expressiveness" of his often large-format works.
White horse painting by Hartmut Hellner
Hartmut Hellner's works are characterized by broad, expressive brushstrokes with which he makes dressage scenes, jumping competitions, horse races, and polo matches come alive on canvas in all their dynamism and drama. He only focusses on the eyes of the animals particularly precisely, because for him these are the window to the soul. 
Horse eyes painting by Hartmut Hellner
Hartmut Hellner often works on commission of important stud farms and racing stables. His works can be found in the collections of renowned stud owners. 
Horse head painting by Hartmut Hellner 
Hartmut Hellner regularly exhibits his work in VIP lounges of the most important horse shows, such as the German Dressage and Show Jumping Championships in Balve or the most renowned horse race in Germany, the German Derby in Hamburg.
Equitation theme painting by Hartmut Hellner
"Friends of my parents had a stud near Luhmühlen, where I spent a lot of time with the animals. Even as a child and teenager, I was captivated by the dynamism, power, expressiveness, and elegance of these wonderful creatures. This is exactly what my paintings are about. I want to bring the beauty and depth of character of these fascinating animals to life on canvas in all their authenticity and complexity, immortalizing my clients' beloved horses.
Hartmut Hellner