New artist of the gallery - Andrey Kazantsev

Polygonal horse sculptor Andrey Kazantsev

The world of steel and iron has always been incredibly attractive to Andrey Kazantsev. In 2018, he created his first metal sculpture — a cat. The exciting process of turning a flat cold sheet into a three-dimensional "animated" animal with a special character was the beginning of the artist's birth.

Strict geometry, impeccable architecture of flat faces, minimalism, conciseness combined with elegance have become the artist's hallmark.

The mystery of the Russian soul is transmitted to his creations. The mystique and mystery of polished edges, rough grinding, burnt surface and rust, monochrome and bright colors create a unique microcosm. New collections of "soulful" animals make Andrey Kazantsev a true master of modern art.

Horse polygonal steel sculpture by Andrey Kazantsev


Horse head polygonal steel sculpture by Andrey Kazantsev

 "Horse head"