Minimalistic equestrian art: watercolors and bronze sculptures by Carlota Sarvise

Carlota Sarvise, phenomenal talented young Spanish artist. Painter and sculptor, she expresses her passion for horses in stunning minimalistic artworks. Exceptionally gifted, Carlota converts her vision into elegant watercolors, amazing wall paintings and bronze sculptures. Masterful working with forms and spaces, with simple strokes she gives her artworks vitality and movement.

Polo players watercolors by Carlota Sarvise

"The horse is part of my life, it is my essence. In the horse I see balance, strength and harmony. It is inspiration. In my work I try to capture what it transmits to me. Simplicity and beauty.

Polo players watercolors by Carlota Sarvise

Watercolor allows to capture the color and the brilliance of the horses with the fusion of two colors in a watery stain. There is a point of chance in them, for that reason each one is special, it has its mark.

Wall paintings with horses by Carlota Sarvise

Another technique that I enjoy very much is the silicates for wall paintings. Sometimes the client seeks to capture watercolor in their homes and silicate paintings allow in an elegant way to decorate the walls with the work that he wants.

Equestrian watercolors and bronze sculptures by Carlota Sarvise

Always looking for the minimum expression I try to capture that movement and minimalism in three dimensions. I always like to work with noble materials and in the case of sculpture, I do it with bronze. Besides the presence of the material, it allows me to generate volumes with very little material, supporting the volume of the equine with fine structures. In this way I manage to transfer the fine lines of watercolor to sculpture. "

Carlota Sarvise


Equestrian bronze sculpture by Carlota Sarvise