Meet the new artist of the gallery - Jaroslav Prosek (Czech)

Born in 1986, Jaroslav Prosek is a young Czech crystal artist. He works in Ceska Lipa in Northern Bohemia, in the heart of Czech glass industry. He specialises in designing and creating unique glass sculptures, but he also works with other materials, such as wood, stainless steel or marble.

Jaroslav Prosek uses several technics to create his sculptures: melting in mold, grinding, engraving. Choice of glass technique depends on the sculpture's shape which he wants to create. Inspirations for his sculptures come from nature, the sea, yachting and also things used for normal consumption. When something inspired him, he make a small wooden model of the shape and according to it, he creates the final sculpture. 

Bohemian glass
Dimensions: 35,5x28x4 cm

Bohemian glass
Dimensions: 24x40x11 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg

polo players glass sculpture

Bohemian glass
Dimensions: 45x66x16 cm
Weight: 25,5 kg