Meet the new artist - Madeleine Bunbury

Madeleine Bunbury

We are pleased to present new young and talented artist of our gallery from UK - Madeleine Bunbury. 

Madeleine's talent extends well beyond depicting the horses in front of her. Painting  from life, Madeleine is able to offer not only an accurate representation of the horses, but an honest insight into what makes each of them special. 

Madeleine has adored horses all her life, and this love lends an emotional, passionate quality to her work. For Madeleine, it is imperative to know the horse she paints. It is her willingness and ability to connect with her subjects that makes her art so special. 

"When working on a commission, I travel worldwide to the horse’s location and set up my easel in their stable. The painting process is easy and relaxing for the horses. I paint them wherever they are most comfortable standing and keep sessions short so the horse can take breaks to stretch and eat."

Madeleine Bunbury 

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 100x140 cm

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 85x70 cm

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 87x87 cm

Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 140x140 cm