La Polo India magazine: interview with Yutao Ge


Being an artist what is the feeling you derive from your surroundings?

The life is full of you, worth discovering the beautiful things, I am just a recorder using a brush.

Being a Chinese and now living and working in France what differences and similarities you found between the two cultures that helps you to create your art more profoundly?

Chinese Confucian culture, French free-flowing thought, two different ideological culture, from the initial collision to mutual integration. Take advantage of each other and enrich my artistic creation.

Yutao Ge polo painting

Yutao Ge

What is your primal source of inspiration?

I was inspired by life and imagination of the future, as well as the love of painting.

Your work depict certain pattern and shapes, is there a name to such art and what makes it special for you?
Popularly known as Cubist.

Ladies polo cubistic oil painting


What do you think about the correlation between Polo and art sounds like?
Polo and art, are people experience and enjoy a means of life, polo fierce and elegant posture and appreciate a work of art, to bring people the same pleasure.

Being a woman yourself, what are your comments regarding women in polo?

I often think of women who play polo as myself, my sisters, my good friends, and we enjoy sports and life.

While painting, what are your major wheels of thoughts?

Express my inner desire for all good things because I feel like a pessimistic optimist.

Ladies polo painting by Yutao Ge

"Heaven belongs to us"

You have participated in many art shows, can you tell a fond memory of your favorite show?

I was very impressed by the personal presentation at the Sigha Black Mud Gallery Cigarini in Geneva, Switzerland.

What do you want as a result after finishing up your painting?

I'd like to know how the viewer feels and whether my work can bring a little bit of beauty and joy to his or her life.

Christmas mood with horse painting by Yutao Ge



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