La Polo India magazine: interview with Tianyin Wang

Being an illustrator what is toughest part while drawing for others?

The toughest part is to clearly understand the client needs. A pint of beer is daily essentials to some people, but undrinkable to some others, everyone has their own point of view, so to understand the client is the toughest.

You primarily work with charcoal, what difficulties do you find when working on the details?

Luckily, charcoal has got many different forms nowadays, willow charcoal, charcoal pencil (from soft to hard), soft charcoal...
I use a combination of them to create my works. Different materials handle different tasks.

Equestrian charcoal drawings by Tianyin Wang

Tianyin Wang

Horses are animals that are tend to showcase less expressions but then too every art of yours speak a different story, what are your views in this?

I use point, line and plane combination to create my works, I care more about the shapes and movement rather than expression, horses have got very unique and interesting shapes to me. Similar to the first question, the point of view is different here.

Your unique style of illustrating is known as motion impressionism, can tell us something about it?

I don't focus on the details too much, not trying to make photorealism artworks. Katerina is already taking wonderful photos.
I catch the impression of movement from the reference photos, more motion energy involved.

Contemporary interior with equestrian modern drawing by Tianyin Wang.


Tell us something about your work as a digital based editorial illustrator?

Since I graduated from art university, I started my first career as a digital illustrator, mainly work with photoshop and adobe illustrator, created many illustrations for book covers, magazine spot day, I missed the uniqueness of physical drawing, the one of a kind artwork creation experience.

What do you think about polo, while drawing a scene of a polo match what are your major thoughts?

My style has got a lot of power, movement, motion involved, I think polo is a wonderful topic, my understanding of shapes and lines are working very well with this topic, and plus, I am an animal lover since little, polo is a sport involving both human and horse.

Equestrian modern drawing by Tianyin Wang.

"My moment"

Is there an artwork which is dear to you? Do tell something about it.

I always believe my next one is more dear to me because I am the kind of person who believes practice makes perfect. so the next one could always be better.

You are a freehand artist, what do you feel is beneficial while drawing freehandedly without any guidelines?

I do everything freehand, without any guidelines, this helps me to catch the motion and energy a lot better.

Contemporary interior with modern polo drawing by Tianyin Wang.

"Into the wind"

Tell us about your artwork that took the most time to complete?

I don't spend too long on a piece, but I spend a lot of time planning, the actual creating time is about 4-7 hours.
But I usually spend 1-2 days before that to plan the work. 

Contemporary interior with equestrian modern drawing by Tianyin Wang.  




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