La Polo India magazine: interview with Rafael Lago

You are a painter, muralist and a sculptor but what is a single word that describes you the best?

A single word that describes me best is originator.

Describe us about the details that you focus while painting a horse?

I am fascinated by the eye, of how alert and crystalline it is while almost motionless it seems to stand between all that ecstatic movement.

Rafael Lago, equestrian painter

Tell us something about your paintings that depict polo?

My polo paintings wish to depict the amazing strength of the horse and its dynamism while engaged in the intensity of the players.

Polo paintings by Rafael Lago

"Polo I"

Are you inspired by Polo as a game, being a rash game how are able to depict all the features accurately?

I spend many hours sketching at the matches, or practices, also filming the movement to go back and review frame by frame the details, to then go back to sketching at site, with a keener eye.

Horses painting

"Herd Dynamics"

Every artist has an inspiration when he or she starts his or her work, what is yours?

My inspiration when I start my work is by the changes in energy and  physiognomy a hose goes through, from being absolutely at peace, to being triggered by different situations, and how his postures change dramatically, alongside with the brightening of the fur, the bulging of the muscles the change in its attitude. Its almost like a metamorphosis.

White horse modern painting

"Training Tapestry"

How can you define your style of art?

I would call my style of art as realistic expressionism.

Which feature of the horses do you love?

There is absolutely no part of the horse I am not fascinated by, just a while ago, I was working on some anatomical studies of the hoof and ankle, and how the veins, tendons affect the skin and fur... even that is amazing!

Equestrian contemporary painting

"Escaping servitude"

Can you provide a gist about your work “fleeing the bondage of servitude”?

Fleeing the bondage of servitude is a depiction, through a herd of horses, of how servitude, or being subjected, is expressed in a beautiful creature like the horse, where he serves with love, and many times with resignation, but in the end he is the maximum expression of freedom and vitality... unbound.

Horses modern painting


Do tell us something about your favorite works?

I love the dynamism and looseness of tense intensity and I am more and more inclined to enjoying the herds of wild horses, like the stampede symphony, or fleeing the bondage of servitude.


Original horse painting





Sakshi Sharma | La Polo international 2021