La Polo India magazine: interview with Martin Rodriguez

After being solely devoted to art, what changes have you seen in yourself?

I feel more peaceful knowing that I do what I love to do. Far beyond the good and not so good moments in my career,  I have learned how to control my emotions pretty well. It's fair to say that I have also learned to enjoy everything this universe gives me. When I decided to put all my effort into this, I started to know myself and who I was, my essence. 
Horses landscape original oil painting
"San Alberto II"
Can you tell us something about your passion for horses, how did it start?
I grew up between the city and the fields, always surrounded by work horses. As a child a admired how graceful they were, their strength and novelty. I've always felt love and respect for this special beings.
As an artist what is that one quality that you feel differentiate from others?
Maybe that I try to express the soul through the eyes when I paint. The horses, like people, show everything by their gaze. The rest is easy. 
Also I have studied and still am about the anatomy of this animal and any other thing I paint.
Polo player original oil painting in interiors
Painting with wine is surely a new and intriguing technique, can you tell us something about this and surely we would love to know about certain masterpieces you painted out using the same technique?
I was born in a land of wineries and vineyards. I truly love wine and everything wine related. I see it as a miracle and a truly firm of art. So after a few tries I started using it as paint. I did not invented this technique, great artist have used it before me, but with wine and champagne I guide my work so it shows the landscapes from where I was born. 
This has helped me a lot specially when it comes to introduce me into the packaging world. I have made many works for wineyards, mainly around Argentina and Chile. I feel so proud because many vines are selling due to my work. 
Wine equestrian paintings by Martin Rodriguez
How do you concentrate and work out a well-defined art which can definitely viewed as a clicked picture?
I'm quite methodical and thorough, that helps me reach a state of quietness and with it expressing what I feel becomes way more simple. During the mornings, definitely it's the best time for me to achieve this state.
Is there a story related to your obsession with details and perfect blends?
I want to show the exact image of the things I carry along with me. I try to capture every subtle thing that inspires me. But also the obsession plays an important roll in improving myself work after work.
 "Chocolate" polo pony painting
Your art pieces “Chocolate” and “Hat Trick” are impeccable, can you tell us the surroundings you create or the places you usually visit to put such remarkable scenes on a canvas?
Life brought me closer to the equestrian world. I've shown my work in polo tournaments and in two of the greatest hippodromes in Argentina. Once I was doing an expo in a auction house, thoroughbred horses auction house, and there I personally met Hat Trick. I was shocked by it, such grace and proud in a single horse with such  eyes. "Chocolate" is a little tribute to Mark Beaumont, a photographer.
Realistic horse portrait"Hat Trick" 
Tell us something about your most memorable artwork which has left a vivid memory in your mind? 
The first one I made when I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to arts. It's called " Rebirth" and it's about my vacations in the Pacific Ocean, there I had some sort of vision, almost like a memory of me as a child being meditating there at the sea. Then I understood, I needed to go back, to my essence and do what I'm. 
You have tried charcoal, graphite, watercolors and even wine and champagne, is their another medium that you want to try your hands on?
I've got a great need to venture into sculpture with. 




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