La Polo India magazine: interview with Luci Maclaren

Being a professional artist for over 10 years, has there been any changes in your style of art since you started to paint first?

Yes, definitely a few changes. I use a palette knife now and the raw linen has led me down a more immediate way of painting. I also used to discard a lot of painting and I don’t now. I have a better understanding of the way oil painting works I think.

Your major work depicts the powerful movements and lively actions, is there a reason behind it?

Well, I want the painting to be alive. Living and breathing. Something that catches the breath of the viewer.

Luci Maclaren

How are able to capture every detailed movement of the players and the horses in the sport especially like polo where they are moving at a high speed which really needs concentration as to what just happened?

That’s a tricky one as I’m not sure myself how that happens! I have to have a rough plan and then let the paint do the talking. I don’t capture every single movement but I capture enough to let the viewers eye fill in the rest. To my mind that’s what keeps the painting alive and moving.

"Full Pelt"

Tell us something about your favorite surface, why you specifically use it?

The linen is natural with a warmth to it. It’s beautiful and I love working on it. The raw quality of it is the perfect look for my paintings.

What inspires you to create such masterpieces without actually drawing them?

Painting is all about colour and texture and that is the most natural way for me to create.

Can you tell us something about your art, was it a hobby or you wanted to be an artist since young?

I have always loved art yes, but it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I had the drive to be an artist. Or at least see if I could make a living from it. The best decision I ever made!

"Powerful shot"

What do you want to portray through your work, is there a special message you want to give?

I think I just want to create life on canvas. A painting that is alive with movement and colour.

You directly stroke out your paintings with color, is there a specific color which you think that dominates more while you are painting a scene from a polo match?

Not really. I suppose like the impressionists I use a lot of blue! It suggests darkness but with a vibrancy.

What’s your favorite work till date which was not made on raw linen?

It’s a water scene I painted when I lived in Barcelona. I will never sell it. Bad business!

 Semi abstract racing painting by Luci Maclaren



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