Artist of the week - Yutao Ge

Yutao GE born in 1974 in Shenyang, China. In 1993 graduated from the BEIHONG National Higher Art School and in 1998 from the LUXUN National Academy of Fine Arts in China. Since 1999 lives and works in France. French nationality.

Yutao paints with great frankness, scenes of exquisite and discreet sensitivity, where childhood and adulthood, sensuality and innocence, romanticism and humor blend.

Infused with two cultures, the Chinese, who cradled her youth, and the French, who has been her daily life for twelve years, she harmoniously combines the modesty and delicacy of one with the freedom of the other.

His characters, naked or clothed, never vulgar, demonstrate the complexity of the human being, as well as the confrontation of carnal desires and the ideal of purity. The bodies, rich in their roundness, expressive and in movement, enjoy the beauty and pleasure of the present moment, and are heading, with optimism, towards the future and the unknown.

In this world of dreams, with warm colors, everyone can project their own, and be reconciled with the human species. Behind the humility of the heroes of these paintings magnified, with love, by Yutao, shines humanity, the desire to communicate and the intensity of secret thoughts.

Ladies polo was inspired by the polo movement of the Tang Dynasty (polo originating from the Han Dynasty, which developed very strongly under the Tang Dynasty) is an immediate movement elegant, chic and intense. Using Cubist expression techniques to make the image full of vitality, which is a kind of performance of people chasing the fluid lifestyle, the artist used the combination and contrast of the Han Dynasty horse model and the Trojan horse, so that the image increased the interest.

"My paintings are inspired by life, but they do not describe the reality of life. By choosing classical painting, I emphasize the lively character of my characters and the different levels of correspondence between them ...

Life seems so rich, magnificent, full of delicacy and mysterious to me, that it motivates and inspires me at all times in my creative activity. Classical painting offers multiple possibilities for the creation of artists. We can think of it as a big tree where each artist is interested in one of its branches. In every aspect of spiritual life there are invaluable values that are worth pursuing throughout our lives. The painter's life is devoted to perfecting his work. The joyful comfort of sacrifice is the reward of work and tears. This is happiness for a painter.

I escape into my imagination. In this world empty of reality, I find that everything is clear and vague at the same time, everything is in the resemblance between the real world and the imaginary world. It opens up even more room for creation and imagination. I love to travel in this mysterious world, and search between the real and the unreal. The inspiration that I gained in this way is more sensitive, more real and closer to me.

When I finish a painting, I have the impression that I am not the author, my hand and my body carry out a mysterious order outside of me. I have lost control of my consciousness and I cannot explain this sensation that fascinates me. Ultimately, painting for me is simple and pure. My greatest pleasure is to express through painting what I carry in my heart."

Yutao Ge