Artist of the week - Ninon Art

Ninon is fascinated by the way all living beings are connected. She loves horses, and ever since she was small she could be found on horseback in the forest, accompanied by a dog.

In nature and with animals she feels inspired, and she tries to express this vital force from nature into her work. Her work expresses essence, inner force, sensuality, balance, life, love.


Ninon Art | Contemporary equine sculpture


Her sculptures are spread all over the world, and to her, each sculpture is like a 'living being'. She believes she charges her hands with love in order to convey love into the work, and this is the reason people often impulsively want to touch her sculptures. Apart from sculptures she makes paintings and photographs.

Ninon traveled extensively through mountains, deserts, the jungle and across the seas, she speaks 6 languages.

She is also a Tibetan Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and is interested in Tibetan Buddhism. She uses these philosophies for her art. She plays percussion and sings in Latin Music Bands. She likes horse riding, sailing, skiing, writing poetry, dancing and playing several musical instruments. With horses she crossed the Andes, and was mainly riding outdoor, but she also got her certificate as horse riding instructor and dedicated to training horses and dressage.


Ninon Art | Contemporary equine sculpture


After studying at the Academy of Art, she graduated as Master of Science in Cultural Journalism at the University of Amsterdam. She loves to spend time in Ibiza, to get inspired by the beautiful colors of the island and to live in flow with art, nature and yoga.

Ninon worked as a photo producer and also as a stylist for photo shoots and luxury design interiors. Ninon and vandersandestudio were responsible for the entire styling of the 5-star Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, including restaurants, lobby, rooms, spa, corridors etc. Two sculptures of Ninon were also commissioned by the hotel.


Ninon Art | Contemporary equine sculpture


Recently, she created an outdoor sculpture for The Royal Senchi Hotel in Ghana, Africa. Also, a sculpture was acquisited for a private garden in Beverly Hills, USA.